Equine McTimoney Practitioners in Gloucestershire

Equine McTimoney practitioners in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas. If you are an equine McTimoney practitioner in Gloucestershire and would like a free or premium listing, please click here for information.

Equine McTimoney Practitioners in Gloucestershire - Free Listings

Alison Ramseier


Parklands Stud, Kingsbury Road, Marston Sutton Colfield, B76 0DH

Tel: 07809 456296

Email: parklandsrehab@live.co.uk

Web: www.parklandstherapy.co.uk

Back In Action


Jenna Churchill

Tel: 07786 487677

Email: jenchurchill2@yahoo.co.uk

Web: www.backinactionmctimoney.co.uk

Bethan Lloyd

South Wales

Tel: 07968 589979

Web: www.bethanlloyd.co

Carole McClelland


Tel: 07958 358350

Web: www.carolemcclelland.co.uk

Claire Howson


Tel: 07887 606206

Email: claire_howson@yahoo.com

Web: www.mctimoneytherapist.com

Emily Walters


Tel: 07983 565438

Email: emily@mctimoneyanimaltherapy.co

Web: www.mctimoneyanimaltherapy.co

Harriet Soper


Tel: 07968 448468

Email: harrietsoper@googlemail.com

Web: www.harrietsoper.co.uk